Sunday, February 27

Shazza my girl is on her way over. Haven't had some good one on one time with her since the summer, when I crashed on the floor behind her couch in my leopard den. 
Today I plan to get stoned out of my mind, after cleaning my house and making a pot of tea. 
I am looking forward to Mickey Avalon on the 16th, and my year membership for the Vancouver Aquarium. 

Its So Sexy .

If I were to strip for you, I'd do it to CCR's Susie Q. 
CCR - Susie Q by user7463463
Dom - Living in America Remix [ft. Gucci Mane] by digboston

Saturday, February 26

almost nineteen.

My default face is somewhat of a "bitch face" 
I exit the grocery store and strangers ask me if something is wrong. 
this face must be extraordinary because I would never approach someone because they looked a little down. especially in this city. So maybe its less of a bitch face and more of a post murder face. 
either way, 
I have a trail shift at Front & Company. 1 hour to prove I can work retail. Never have, but I've done enough shopping I know I can handle it. 

Later, Slater.

Cats and Dogs by theheadandtheheart

Friday, February 25

Oughta know,

Cameron Smith. Of Insight. Shoots Kaya Scodelario.
I have very strong feelings for both.  
#26 - DAS RACIST - You oughta know by 60 songs in 2010 - A side

Many Men, Wish Death Upon Me.

Its been blue skies here in Vancouver for a few days now. Loving it,
Nirvana Vs.50 Cent mash up by Grover Lake of fire Many Men by GroverMixes
its starting to smell like summer. The sun is so bright in the morning I can't sleep in, so with summer brings, productivity, and productivity brings a painting of an abalone shell, a spotless home, painted toe nails, and Fruit salads.

Banana, Apples (chopped small), plain Yogurt, grated Ginger, Lime juice, and unsalted sunflower seeds.


Monday, February 21

Good morning Ladies.

 I am becoming more and more reluctant to doodle my watercolour surfboards out of fear of wasting the majority of my focus on something that isn't necessarily appropriate to the current city.  Like, as if I am not being impeccable with my word. There is NO SURF IN VANCOUVER KAYLEY. I am giving the universe mixed messages.

Either way... if there was surf in Vancouver, and therefore surf BOARDS, I might paint them something like this.


Rose Flavoured Things.

I am looking forward to turning nineteen, Mickey Avalon, starting new job, switching back to yerba mate.
My jade plant is lacking sunshine. And I am addicted to 1 girl 5 gays.