Monday, December 19





DampVamp - cool new people from sydney
6 am is no more after tomorrow. Christmas Holidays Begin.

The passed week i've been burning incense. Making those cloved orange ornaments (clorangaments) wrapping gifts with raphia. and BBQing. 

Sunday, December 4

Santa doesn't come to places that don't have snow.
Im sure of it.

blaaaaah, bored hungry. totally craving canadian winter. if i see one more pair of aussie chicks, heading to a music festival wearing matching denim underwear short things with frilly hems, and flourensent tube tops. im going to have a tantrum. 

i like canadian fashion. i like denim. and boys t shirts. i've heard better things about melbourne. maybe i'll go there.

stay canadian 

Sunday, November 13

Driftica Nostalgia

my free time from being a housewife has resulted in a massive creative outburst. my portfolio of doodles, magazine scraps, and paint is looking beautiful, im really really excited about it. and manifesting art school next fall. (canadian fall) .                   .                                                                                  .                                                                                 . I had a dream the other night, about this incredible photographer. I had his art everywhere. I asked his name, and kaya scodelario said "Driftica".

Tuesday, November 1

Beige and Navy Blue


New suede beige pumps, and a navy blue dress that is rather - Serena Vanderwood
Its frustrating being not knowing exactly what stores I like to shop in, and know
what brands are worth checking out - I understand thats what attractive about shopping
in another country. But in this heat - blow me.

Wedding to attend on Saturday.

Moving to the Gold Coast Monday.

Bonny Elizabeth - I'd enjoy a Skype date SOMEDAY

Tuesday, October 25

Back in the summer in Canada, Kaileigh and I went to tofino together for the surf contest. This shoot, shot by the ever so lovely Adelaide Utman was a memorable one, the make up I'm wearing was from the night before, and the night before ended in me sleeping in a truck in cox bay - I reckon modelling hungover is a brilliant tactic, I felt dumb and nonchalant Check it Check it HERE

i love australia.

Friday, October 7

Tomato Sauce n' Chicken Salt

The bird are parrots.
They sound like shit - canadian birds make song. Fuck Parrots.
Best French Fries in the world (hot chips)
Chicken Chips
Chicken Salt
Saw 2 wild dolphins going bonkers 15 feet away.
Spotted Whales (yes, Plural) while i cooked breakfast
Breakfast was Toast. Heaps of Avo. Eggs. Veggies. And the god damn best bacon.
Thunder Storms
Hot sun.
Aussies - they ain't that bloody bad i reckon. uh huh.

No, But like seriously.
Australia is awesome, being foreign is hilarious, this country's fucking beautiful. And it looks like there's some fuckin' boards to spray DUDERS.

Triple J radio

Tuesday, October 4

This is The New Shit

this is the new shit.

this is 7 hours of waiting in LAX listening to Das Racist. This is probably what moms psychic was talking about "she's a cut n' paste queen" in '92.  this is what come out when I squint and look at a blank page.

I'm living in Australia now. Eating chicken flavoured chips.
Its beautiful. the birds are parrots. the people are tan. and in canada i was an asshole.
here i'm just normal.

apart from being foreign. but thats fun.

Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit by nidals28