Friday, January 7

How To Date A Surfer @ NVNC

ten. loves something as much as he loves surfing. I have developed many hobbies and I highly recommend any of the following. Astrology, Sign Language, Artisan Espresso, also collecting shells, crystal, bones, and beads. Watching porn, and more recently painting driftwood, rocks, and surf equipment.
nine. pray that you give birth to boys.
six.don't be a jealous bitch applies to any relationship, but your man will always travel and receive attention, depending on number one. so let it go now, and get a number ten.
five. avoid sex on the beach.
four. the beach is a runway.
three. doesn't matter if you're a girl. you can still get called a kook.
two. do whatever you need to, to deal with and understand that you're number two.
one. make sure your pro is a pro.

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