Sunday, November 13

Driftica Nostalgia

my free time from being a housewife has resulted in a massive creative outburst. my portfolio of doodles, magazine scraps, and paint is looking beautiful, im really really excited about it. and manifesting art school next fall. (canadian fall) .                   .                                                                                  .                                                                                 . I had a dream the other night, about this incredible photographer. I had his art everywhere. I asked his name, and kaya scodelario said "Driftica".

Tuesday, November 1

Beige and Navy Blue


New suede beige pumps, and a navy blue dress that is rather - Serena Vanderwood
Its frustrating being not knowing exactly what stores I like to shop in, and know
what brands are worth checking out - I understand thats what attractive about shopping
in another country. But in this heat - blow me.

Wedding to attend on Saturday.

Moving to the Gold Coast Monday.

Bonny Elizabeth - I'd enjoy a Skype date SOMEDAY