Monday, September 19

as fuck


life's all cool again.
getting grounded. getting baked. getting fed mama made meals.
getting stoked.

ten more sleeps 'til im getting INTERNATIONAL 
stay tuned.
been gettin' creative too.

catch'ya cunt.

Thursday, September 8


Introducing the Victorian band SPACEBOOTS
 If you haven't heard of them already - get educated. They are bringing sex drugs and rock n' roll back, in the best way possible. Songs such as "I just wanna fuck madonna" "STD" "Pet your Pussy" Never Do what you're Told" "In and Out" and "Don't Give a Fuck"  are getting people moving, getting Spacebabes wet, and really pissing the city off. I wish I had some tracks to share with you - but you'll just have to stay tuned with more SPACEBOOTS updates HERE

Their lyrics are articulating exactly what you're thinking. 
With their sense of humor, sex appeal, and memorable shows - 
SPACEBOOTS is destined to be FAMOUS.

Like 'em on Facebook, and check 'em out .HERE

Full Time

Im going to australia.
Im working full time.
Im slowing getting back into a creative routine.
Im eating a lot of canned tuna.
Drinking a lot of black coffee.
Im sick of my California 2011 playlist
Catching up with old friends.