Monday, January 24

Subject to holdups.

@NVNC we envy, the boys of SUBJECTTOHOLDUPS.
Tofino Locals, Yuckin, Ceece, Eye-Sack-Red-Rash, Kyeborg, and Frashwee. These boys taught me everything I know about surfing, being a good friend, and how to hit the bong.

Wednesday, January 12

Steak Potato Garlic Bread and Some Prawns


cigART from Daniel de Vue on Vimeo.

I am building houses in Santa Cruz, California. Tofino, Canada. Bali, Indonesia.
Come over and hit the bong - anytime.

He Said I Had 'Too Expensive Taste' -- whatever that means.



Everyone needs to stop being cheap. being cheap is fear of loss of money. Every time you spend or buy you feel bad, you punish yourself mentally. And now your debit card, pay cheque, and piggy bank have such negative energy around them - you'll never find contentment with money. Those that spend without fear that their money is gone, someone encounter random lump sums of cash monthly. 
I am not kidding.
Let it go, it will always return. And if non of that applied to you, or you don't care (which i don't care) Just tell yourself this: "there is always enough for the day in the way"

Smells Like Teenagers.

Dumb (Nirvana) by mattbeck
Led Zeppelin -Tangerine by Big Daddy K
I just received an email from mom, that made 2011.  I've decided I need a book shelf.
Today was an itunes shuffle day. And these I remembered I love.
Snow only used to look pretty on mountains and trees, away from my driveway, face, or cigarette. But up until sixteen minutes ago, I realized threw my tacky blinds, that this winter in the city is going to be just fine.