Tuesday, June 28


My apologies.

I needed to take some time for myself. Kickback with people I haven't seen for years, in places I haven't been in a while. The past 2 weeks I have done nothing but go with the flow, and it has resulted in a tan, a beer gut, and about 15 new facebook friends - all fuckin' beauties. I feel a great amount of guilt not keeping up with art, or writing, but now I'm pretty inspired - and reckon I'm back. The image below is probably the best one I've seen in a while. Thank you universe, for such an enlightening bender. 

Last Photo of Tall Tree

Tuesday, June 14

This blog is about to get its shit together.
My weekend in tofino was so incredible, met some really like minded people and Im looking forward to stepping my game up. School, is in the future. As is money. California may be my home sooner than later - but overall. Kayrae is back on track and more driven than ever.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, June 6

Tan Lines.

getting my tan on and ma hur did. 
loving shit.

Sunday, June 5

Seeing People

aww yea, planned my trip to tofino, its been almost a year since the last time i was there. this shall be good. need a vacation pretty bad. get re grounded. get drunk, with people who aren't sick of me being drunk. get some vitamin D. get some decent pics with decent looking people too. 



Saturday, June 4

Sit Tight

I have nothing worth showing you atm. No music. No clothes. Not even a pair of shoes. but my internet is now up and running. dad delivered a giant sack of the green, so my creative juices may be a flowing. stay tuned for videos of paige and i, at 4 am, post clubbing. photos of my apartment, and music.


miss me?

ya, i know i know. but this song repeats at work, and it has become my most recent jam.

Its been over a week. I apologize, but I gotta do this point form.
- just completed a 3 week bender. (yes completed, gotta lay low for a while)
-completed moving, place looks awesome, I love my home, and living alone in it.
-applied for a credit card #jesusfuck
-daddy visited, and spoiled me
-saw supertramp live, lol. the people watching was amaaazing
- fuckin' jmoth, is done, gone, forever.

Life's opened up so many doors lately. Met so many good people who know how to have a good time. 
Couple dickheads - but I've said this before, and I'll say it again.. can't be afraid of conflict, gotta grow and evolve from that shiiit. LIFE IS SO GOOD. SO SO SO SO SO GOOD.