Wednesday, April 27

Out Run My Gun

Bonny and I had a skype date. We discussed transcendental meditation, Reiki, what we are going to be when we grow up, boys, girls, clothes, shoes. The ushe. I like her, a lot a lot.

Did a 'cupping' at JJ bean during a hail storm. Quite Cozy.
My passion for coffee and the culture surrounding it grows.

I love Vancouver.
I hate hangovers.

ya dig?

Monday, April 25

Inexpensive Mondays

hey, its me
Oversized Cheap Mondays. Quite appropriate for summer.

Because my past boyfriends hated the voices of the girls in cocorosie, I only got to
listen to it when I was alone. It was during a time where I tanned a lot, so cocorosie will forever
remind me of tanning beds. - this new track is so sweet. loving the lyrics

"Its true I get depressed in fancy hotel rooms
undressed, with nothing to flaunt but my loneliness"

Transcendental Meditation.

2:20 am.
My Bedroom Floor.

Insomnia has driven me to paint my toe nails, eat pickled spicy peppers right outta the jar, watch Bring It On 3 AND 4,  and email every available bachelor suite on craigslist. Anticipating a 6 am run, Im trying hard to sleep, but Jesson called: "Im coming home" "Great" "With A Dubee" "Sweet" "And a Pink and Green Macaron" "OH MY FUCKING GOD"

hashtag, the good life.

Transendental Meditation from Three Cities on Vimeo.
dudes, google this shit.

I Love...

 Large Dark in an Extra Large Cup
People with Messy Blonde Hair
Taurus and Capricorns
Reality TV
How Many Freckles Sophie Has At the Moment
Hard Cover Books 
Hot Dogs
Black Clothing
Mason Jars

Sunday, April 24

Summer Summer Summer

For Pisces

These are the healing foods for pisces.
watercress, brown rice, cucumber, dandelion leaves, poppy seeds, 
sesame seeds, oil fish, pears, seaweed, melon


Today Paige assisted me in purchasing $75 worth
of veggies. I wish I could tell you more about our
day but we talk to much to be productive. oh and 
we watched the game............................................