Thursday, January 12

bought the van. its blue. with an ram skull attached to the front.
and a dream catcher hanging off the rearview mirror,
very salt spring island.


Monday, January 9

swimming in the ocean everyday, sometimes twice a day, for the past week and-a-bit has triggered my inner child, my inner pisces child. Exhaling all my air and sinking to the bottom, laying on my back is probably the best place on earth. I remember telling my mom about it at Synchronized swimming practice, how I'd take my nose plug, goggles, and swim cap off and sink to the bottom of the pool and play mermaid.  I wish i was a mermaid so bad it hurts. 

Hurts as bad as my eyes do, but i can't keep them closed when im underwater, its too pretty. 

I've seen a couple fishes at Kirra, 3 big bad ass sting rays, and collected probably 500 sea shells.
I have yet to grow gills. 

On the news some fishermen near Moreton Island, QLD (near me) swam with a whale shark for 20 minutes.

Mother, Fuckers. 

                                        Youth Lagoon - July from Tyler T Williams on Vimeo.

Its So Hot

Tim Barber

Tim Barber

Tim Barber
Ben Sullivan
Oyster Mag

Lately I've been burying myself aussies magazines, therefore collaging, writing birthday poems, picking tropical flower bouquets tied with raphia, cooking super, really awesome, good, food and booking flights. Yes, I am Indonesia bound, can't wait to see a monkey, and pick some more sea shells. Then 3 weeks after that, we take off in our 70's camper van on a who-knows-how-long road trip filled with fruit picking and surfing. MY LIFE IS AWESOME.

if only id stop sweating.


The 90's have been on my mind a lot lately, both music and film,
I watched Jawbreaker last night, and listened to Nirvana all morning. 
Ever seen Courtney Love's home? Here are my favourite glances at it - check the rest HERE

How Awesome

Sunday, January 8


in australia they drink instant coffee.
save me.