Wednesday, April 4

 The boyfriend and I just finished a full hour of yoga.
I forgot about Yoga. Felt so incredible. While I stretched,
as I breathed - happy baby breathes I remembered all 
about Salt Spring, and Reynolds Rd. Farms, and Potlatchs,
Hippies, Road side flower stands and fruitsicles. 
 Im really looking forward to returning home.
And I think this health kick is here to stay.


Monday, April 2


 This count down has turned into:
Whoa, slow down.

One more week left in Australia. Tomorrow we head to the Sunshine Coast with a bottle of baby oil, Australian fashion mags, Plain popcorn, and these two toned grapes that were on special today, and happen to be probably the greatest-tasting-grapes-ever-tasted. 
Shit's got a real nice flow at the moment. Life's really really terrific. 

And Beer, Always

 Wooden Cutting Board. Wooden Jewelry Box. Big Black Leather Boots. Tiny Navy Bikini. Aquarium. Mason Jars. Herb Plants in Clay Pots. Backward Hats. Pretty Tile Ashtray. Plain Popcorn. And Beer.