Monday, February 27


Me Oh My.
Went to Soundwave Metal Fest on Saturday. 
An overcast day, that seemed to down pour heavy rain at every climatic point in a song.
We say Lamb of God, System of a Down, Slipknot, Marilyn Mason, Limp Bizkit, and In this Moment.
It was mental.

My neck still hurts. 

Tuesday, February 14

My Chains

Edun Spring/Summer 2012 Film from edun on Vimeo.
yeah - thats the guy from Lana Del Rey's video, Born To Die

different pace

I want to be back in Canada
wear I can wear layers.

Tuesday, February 7

I went to Asia

Went to Asia.
It was cool - now I'm back.

Going to go pick strawberries for the next few months,
debating re-piercing my face.

Sarah Paige sent me hot sauce in the mail.