Thursday, March 31

Fire In Your New Shoes

with a bun on top. im over 6 foot.


Can't get enough Abbey, Fur, big black leather bags, and pretty food.

Monday, March 28

Esophageal Spasms

First Day of work tomorrow. 
Paige and I are planning on celebrating with $10 jugs at the Met. 
I hope work likes my shoes.

Sunday, March 27


ahh, get it?
lucky guy
sickest duo

 We Also Envy:
Anyone who owns Jeffrey Campbell Shoes
Anyone who has seen Modest Mouse Live
Rich People
Happy Poor People
People with tanning minutes, gym memberships, and bus passes
All those who can currently see the ocean.
Pink and Carey Harts offspring
People who live without social networking pages?
Girls with boyfriends that don't fart

What Island Kids Do

Last Summer, The Beach. 
Jasper and I got stoned, got a tan, and painted some canvas.

To Do:

Go To Free Art Classes on Thursdays
Buy more fruits and veggies - and eat them before they go bad
Buy Nail Polish Remover
Watch More 90's Movies
Get my N. Get my Car.
Visit Mom.
Probably Spend less time on the computer.
And the blackberry.
Finish my Abalone Painting.
Have A bath.


I can't seem to focus. I am out of coffee and tea - so I have that to blame.
I am very upset because I do not have my camera cord anymore. 
I've just had a massive art attack for the past couple days, but I cannot show you what i created.
Need to call Daddy Warbucks. 

the CK One ad is pretty entertaining. Mostly because of Abbey n' Lara.
Heres what they had to say Here and Here