Friday, October 7

Tomato Sauce n' Chicken Salt

The bird are parrots.
They sound like shit - canadian birds make song. Fuck Parrots.
Best French Fries in the world (hot chips)
Chicken Chips
Chicken Salt
Saw 2 wild dolphins going bonkers 15 feet away.
Spotted Whales (yes, Plural) while i cooked breakfast
Breakfast was Toast. Heaps of Avo. Eggs. Veggies. And the god damn best bacon.
Thunder Storms
Hot sun.
Aussies - they ain't that bloody bad i reckon. uh huh.

No, But like seriously.
Australia is awesome, being foreign is hilarious, this country's fucking beautiful. And it looks like there's some fuckin' boards to spray DUDERS.

Triple J radio

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