Monday, March 21

So Fresh N' So Clean, Clean.

Life is pretty cool right now. Planets must be lining up. Lately I've been so cheery I've been taking the time to light candles and put vanilla dryer sheets in the dryer with my bedding. Also, I have an overwhelming feeling to take like 3 inches of my hair. --never had that before. Spring is Fresh.
So is my house. I saw that someone wiped a booger on my bathroom wall I was so upset it inspired me to do everything from, bleach, comet, windex, magic erase, dry swiffer, and wet swiffer.

Oh, and got a fucking job.

Oh, made out with Mickey Avalon.
Oh, new girl talk?
Girl Talk-Triple Double by Check The Availability
01 - Girl Talk - Oh No by ella1019

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