Friday, May 20

Im A Mess

Cash flow is a go.
Operation bad decisions with good looking people is constant.
Listening to Hip Hop in the AM ensures a great day.
And I fall asleep to metal #truestory

Dear Sophie Baby. You're the best friend in the world. You know everything about me, and know just what to say always. All I need is her. And to everyone else, all I ask is that you cut me off before I drink too much, and call Sophie if I do. ..
what else is new... hmmmm....
4 more days of hell in this house. then a brand new start. brand new wine glasses. brand new white paint. brand new kayley rae - the old one wasn't THAT bad. but this new one's going to be more fun -- let me ad FUNNER isn't a word, its MORE FUN. dickheads.

craving an ocean swim.
To all my pisces  - CAN I GET AN AMEN.

1 comment:

  1. ahem to the "more fun" not "funner."