Monday, March 26

Flowers and Beetroots

So my 7 month Chapter in Queensland, Australia is coming to an end. I have both excitement and anxiety about returning home - excitement for the beer, food, and cigarettes I know and love. Anxiety towards living in close proximity with with my parents, and picking up where I left off - which was less than ideal. That being said. Once I get settled in, and get shit done, I have so many goals for this summer regarding art, health, money and travel. I turned 20, and I actually feel kinda, grown up. We'll see though. 
Anticipating my return home I've been on a massive health binge - steamed veggies of all kinds, sesame oil. flax oil, and soy sauce. So many different salads , I've been obsessed with beets, canned seafood, and pickled everything. In combination Jon and I have been going on ocean side runs every morning, its been beautiful now that it is fall and has cooled down a bit. Ideal tanning weather...

Endless Summer Lyfe xo

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