Friday, January 7

Pisces In Love

Got Your Money - WU TANG VS THE BEATLES by textaural

the flowing stream that represents the waters of pisces is usually shallow and fast and, as a result, pisceans tend to fall in and out of love quickly. their need to give and receive love is strong and despite their inner desire to remain unencumbered by relationships many pisceans become dependent on their partners. The complexity of pisces is never-ending. Many become promiscuous or obsessed by emotions and sex from a young age but most are strangely naive switching from partner to partner in the search for perfection. Strong men are often attracted to the sweet innocence and the dependency of the Piscean woman, but are shocked to find her strength and determination leave him in the shade. Pisceans are adept at carrying on more than one relationship simultaneously and although Pisceans themselves can slither easily away from a relationship, those who fall in love with them are usually entangled forever.

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