Monday, January 10

My Boys

what we like in men. and what we don't like.
we don't like when you work out at the gym or drink skim milk.
don't worry about cooking, thats our job, just don't be a picky eater.
smell good.
don't give us food nicknames, like cupcake, honey, pumpkin, etc..
do not put your hands down your pants then smell your hands and then lean over and kiss us with your face smelling of ass.
do not pick your nose, roll it up in a ball, and flick it.
don't buy us roses, pick us wild flowers.
the best present you can give us, is a shopping spree.
and just cut the romantic/trying-to-hard bullshit, pizza and beer on the beach is better than any dinner at the keg followed by a movie, and completed with passion love making on a bed of rose petals.

now, obviously i am talking about NVNC girls. so ladies who like roses, calm down. And find another blog.

also, size does matter. thats why they don't make 4 inch dildos.

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