Monday, April 4

Funny Faces.

Looking forward to the next two months. My best friend and I are planning on running away together. Don't worry - just downtown. Paige and I keep getting inspired to make art - spring bouquets, decretive lighters, anything. And my most recent additions include: all the tacky gardens in my neighbourhood
                                                                                           men with long hair.
                                                                                           coffee with too much cream
                                                                                           the menu at Cactus Club
                                                                                           Neocitron and liquid sleep medication
                                                                                           Yolandi Vi$$er
                                                                                           seeing city stereotypes - the other day I saw a man who was old enough to be hooked up to an oxygen mask holding hands with a Jwoww look-a-like, dripping in diamonds.
no more beans on toast. goat cheese on toast. and peanut butter on toast.

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