Thursday, April 21

High For This

The Weeknd - High For This by The_Weeknd
Obakki Fashion Show is coming up. Im excited for many reasons, but mostly because its the first time Bonny, Rachel, Paige and I have really had a get-together. I look forward to discussing shoes, places to eat in vancouver, and alcohol.

Paige and I had our first sleepover the other day - don't know how that happened.

And 4:20 in Vancouver was a success. The art gallery was fucking mental, 15 000 people at its peak. I wish I didn't arrive so dumb because my memories of the thousands of people blazing are so hazy. Shannon, Jesson, and I ate bulk foods and dipped things in spinach dip.

Shannon's home has inspired me to buy a hukkah, and less white furniture.

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